Race, Class, and Politics in The Cappuccino City
Interdisciplinary Research Leaders:
DC / NJ Team: Making the Just City
Politics And Prose,
Derek Hyra & Kymone Freeman
AP: Renting expanded in wake of housing crash
Gentrification & Culture in Washington, DC
Chocolate City No More: Changing Demographics & Gentrification of Washington, DC
The Holistic Housing Podcast:
A Conversation with Derek Hyra
Derek Hyra Talks About Displacement, Development and Extrapolation
Derek Hyra on Urban Renewal:
Shaw/U Street - Part 1
Derek Hyra - 
How DC Became the Cappuccino City
Derek Hyra on Urban Renewal:
Shaw/U Street - Part 2
Research in Progress- Advancing Urban Research at AU: The Metropolitan Policy Center
The New Urban Renewal: The Economic Transformation of Harlem and Bronzeville
Rethinking Gentrification: An Opportunity for All to Share in Economic Success
"U Street Contested" Trailer

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Derek Hyra is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and Founding Director of the Metropolitan Policy Center at American University. His research focuses on processes of neighborhood change, with an emphasis on housing, urban politics, and race. He is a leading expert on gentrification and equitable neighborhood development policy.

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