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Race, Class, and Politics in The Cappuccino City
Interdisciplinary Research Leaders:
DC / NJ Team: Making the Just City
Politics And Prose,
Derek Hyra & Kymone Freeman
AP: Renting expanded in wake of housing crash
Gentrification & Culture in Washington, DC
Chocolate City No More: Changing Demographics & Gentrification of Washington, DC
The Holistic Housing Podcast:
A Conversation with Derek Hyra
Derek Hyra Talks About Displacement, Development and Extrapolation
Derek Hyra on Urban Renewal:
Shaw/U Street - Part 1
Derek Hyra - 
How DC Became the Cappuccino City
Derek Hyra on Urban Renewal:
Shaw/U Street - Part 2
Research in Progress- Advancing Urban Research at AU: The Metropolitan Policy Center
The New Urban Renewal: The Economic Transformation of Harlem and Bronzeville
Rethinking Gentrification: An Opportunity for All to Share in Economic Success
"U Street Contested" Trailer

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