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Invited Keynote Address. (2017). “Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City.” Georgetown University, Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service’s Global Social Justice Summer Research Symposium, Washington, DC.

Invited Keynote Address. (2017). “Inclusive Neighborhood Change: Advancing Equitable Economic Development.” National Association of County Community and Economic Development’s Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

“Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City.” Paper presented at the Urban Affairs Association’s Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

“Making the Gilded Ghetto: Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City.” Paper presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management’s Annual Fall Research Conference, Washington, DC.

Invited Panelist. “Revitalization, Relocation, and the Right to the City.” American Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

“Making the Gilded Ghetto: Race, Class, and Politics in Washington, DC.” Paper presented at the Contested Cities Conference, Madrid, Spain.

Panelist. “Capital Dilemma: Growth and Inequality in Washington, DC Book Launch.” American University, School of Public Affairs, Washington, DC.


Housing Policy 


Invited Keynote Address. (2017). “Racial Equity and Gentrification: Insights from the Cappuccino City.” Portland Housing Bureau’s Racial Equity Forum, Portland, OR.

Invited Keynote Plenary Address. (2017). “Gentrification in the DMV: Causes, Consequences, and Equitable Growth Strategies.” Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers’ Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

Keynote Address. “Gentrification: DMV-Style.” Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers’ Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

“Making the Gilded Ghetto: Uncovering New Processes of Gentrification.” Paper presented at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Annual Conference, London, UK.

Invited Speaker. “Equitable Gentrification.” City First Enterprises’ Lunch and Learn Seminar Series, Washington, DC.

Invited Panelist. “Rethinking Gentrification: An Opportunity for All to Share in Economic Success.” The Urban Land Institute’s Washington Real Estate Trends Conference, Washington, DC.

Invited Lecture. “The Ethnographic Approach for Understanding Gentrification.” Urban Planning Program, Columbia University, NY.

Invited Panelist. “Managing Community Change: A Dialogue on Gentrification.” US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC.

Invited Lecture. “Equitable Gentrification?” College of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Invited Panelist. “Gentrification.” Paper presented at the US Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Hot Topic Seminar Series. Washington, DC.

Black Branding

Black Branding

Invited Talk. (2017). “Getting Mixed-Income Right.” District of Columbia Housing Authority, Washington, DC.

Invited Panelist. “Book Forum: Capital Dilemma: Growth & Inequality in Washington, DC.” Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Washington, DC.

Invited Panelist. “Achieving Health Equity in DC.” District of Columbia Department of Health’s Emerging Health Leaders Lecture Series, Washington, DC.

Invited Routable Participant. “Progress or Regress: Gentrification and Urban Displacement in DC.” New York University, Washington, DC.

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